5 Tips for Attacking with Grenadiers


Eager to put the Grenadiers to work? These long-range attack units do a lot of damage, but are wildly inaccurate. Follow these top tips to put them to work.

Tip 1 – Party in the Back

Grenadiers pack a lot of punch with a fantastic range, but they’re pretty soft and squishy with relatively low hit points. For that reason, make sure they’re used behind a tougher troop, such as a Heavy or a Tank.

Use the Grenadier’s range to your advantage. The only defenses that have a longer range than a Grenadier are the Rocket Launcher, Boom Cannon, and Sniper Tower. If you eliminate these defenses first, the Grenadiers are virtually invincible.

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  1. First, canons range is tricky one. 2-3 grenadiers attacking a canon don’t come under canon range but more than 3 they form 2 rows to attack the canon and thus the front row comes under canon range, once the front row is taken out the back row doesn’t get attacked by canon.

  2. I didn’t bother attacking this base. It would be a disaster. On a side note, if you are preventing a Grenadier’s attack, this would be the base to go for.

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