7 Tips for Scorchers in Boom Beach


The Scorcher is the newest troop in Boom Beach and becomes available to players who have a level 18 HQ or higher. It’s big, bad, and expensive — and a lot of fun to play. The Scorcher has massive health, making it exceptional as a shield for other units. But it has some erratic behavior as well, meaning you need to employ some strategy to take full advantage. Read on through these ten tips to get the most from this fire-breathing monster of a troop.

Tip 1 –¬†Load up on Gunboat Energy

Boom Beach ScorcherEach Scorcher requires a hefty 12 Gunboat Energy for deployment. That can soak up your GBE pretty quickly, so most successful attackers will optimize their statues to provide extra GBE. In addition to a Masterpiece GBE statue, you’ll want at least one Guardian and possibly more (especially if you plan to pair up your Scorchers with Tanks — but more on that later.

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