7 Tips for Scorchers in Boom Beach


Tip 6 – Try Scorchers and Tanks for Fun

Although the pairing of Scorchers and Zookas pretty much can’t be beat, a fun alternative is to try Scorchers and Tanks together in a pairing called (of course) “Scanks.” They use up a lot of Gunboat Energy to deploy, but since both units can soak up a lot of damage, they’re nearly invulnerable.

If you’re used to the more conventional “TMed” attack, this new approach might take a little getting used to. In this formation, Tanks dish out the damage while the Scorchers absorb it.

A good grouping is to use three Scorchers and fill the rest of your Landing Craft with Tanks. You’ll need some decent GBE statues to fully deploy your units and take out any nearby Boom Cannons.

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