Boom Beach Matchmaking Explained


Ever wonder how the game determines which player opponents appear on your map, or why sometimes it seems like you get unlucky with incredibly difficult islands to beat? Here’s the official explanation on how player matchmaking works in the game, courtesy of the official Supercell forums.

The important takeaways: Victory Points are the key determining factor, and your Headquarters level has no bearing on the calculation. Therefore, having a low VP total relative to your HQ level means you’ll get much easier opponents. However, since the daily boat supply rewards are based on your VP count, there’s less of an incentive to keep your VP level intentionally low.

The official explanation:

1. Matchmaking for player opponents is based on your number of Victory Points. Your opponents are selected from players with a similar Victory Point score. Your Experience level and HQ level have no connection to the matchmaking system. The same is true for Resource Bases.

2. If you see a someone with a much higher Experience level and/or HQ level than yourself, it is either because they have a low Victory Point score for their level or you have a high Victory Point score for your level.

3. NPC bases are detached from this system and instead will gradually become harder – but also more rewarding – the more of them you beat.

There you have it. Now happy island invading!


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  1. As a longtime coc and empire player I was glad to find a game I didn’t have to be married to, but I have to say I am tired of how every game has a handicapping system. I am level 23 xp, level 9hq and 150 plus trophies, so every opponent right now is impossible. I get why they do it, but it’s really like making a good middleweight box an average heavyweight. It should go by xp only and allow people to excel within their own weight class.. So to speak.

  2. Its ridiculous. I’m level 16 with 110 VP. Sorry I’m a tactical genius. Beating people 5 levels ahead of me isn’t too bad but now i’m fighting level 27-31. Just beat a 29 because of his poor setup but its still ridiculous. Past four days i’ve had level 23-25s attack my city. How can I defend that? No bearing on HQ level is absolutely retarded. I get that it could be exploited but its a cell phone game. Lame

  3. This matchmaking system is broken. The handicap for better players is way too strong. At the very least being raided should cause you to lose 2 VPs, not just one.

    I’m XP level 20. My VPs are at 140. Early in the game I got quite a few pretty good victories against much higher level players by exploiting weaknesses in the defenses of other players. Now the game completely changed. In the last few days my base has been continually raided by players whose XP levels are so high (up to 9 levels over me) they can just brute force their way through my defenses like they weren’t even there.

    On my offensive map the vast majority of players are such higher levels that invading them would be impossible. There are even level 30 players on my map for crying out loud. Now I’m refraining from attacking anyone except Dr Terror and on operations because I don’t want to keep increasing my VPs. In a nutshell, this game now discourages me from playing it.

    This mechanic basically turns the game into a pay-to-win game. Because the only way you can quickly break free from being stuck in such a low VP other than playing extremely slow is buying diamonds to raise your XP levels up quickly without raising your VPs.

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