Boom Beach Updated to 22.59.1


There’s a new update available for Boom Beach — version 22.59.1 (known as the Turtle Raiders of the Lost Archipelago update). Yeah, really.

Supercell has been teasing details of this update for a while, including an AMA discussion on Reddit, and it’s great to see the new release arrive. Here is a quick look at everything new and updated in the game.

New Stuff

  • Save multiple base layouts
  • Share attack and defense replays with your Task Force
  • Starfish

The ability to save multiple base layouts is huge. Now you can prepare your base for Lt. Hammerman’s attack event and quickly switch it out with your “regular” PvP base. More advanced players can prepare bases that are optimized for when you’re going to be away from the game for a while.


  • Lots of new building upgrade level graphics
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Critters no longer follow Flares, receive Medic/Medkit healing or statue bonuses
  • Gearheart event has more reward thresholds, starting at 2 Gears

Can’t wait to check out the new building upgrade level graphics. I’m a little disappointed to here that Critters won’t benefit from statue bonuses or healing. That makes it a bit tougher to send in your all-critter army as a fun way to take on the early Dr. Terror stages.

Balance Changes

  • Gearheart event resource rewards increased
  • Hammerman on the hunt event rewards increased at the higher VP ranges
  • Dr. Terror event difficulty increased
  • Turtle and crab population reduced

OMG they nerfed turtles and crabs! Great to see that Dr. Terror difficulty has been increased. When the event was re-launched as a 7-stage affair, it became a littler too easy for advanced players. In the forums, Supercell revealed that Dr. Terror’s stage 7 is now as difficult as the old level 20.


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