Defense buildings help keep your island safe from enemy attacks. Each defensive building has a specific purpose and has strengths and weaknesses vs. different troops in Boom Beach.

Boom Cannon

The Boom Cannon fires devastating shots but takes a while to reload. Even the strongest armor is no match for the Boom! Deals double damage to tanks.

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Boom Mine

The Boom Mine stops the enemy in their tracks! Its armor piercing blast does double damage to tanks.

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Cannon Level 2


Cannons fire powerful, large caliber shells towards one target at a time. This makes them ideal against heavy and armored enemies, but less effective against massed infantry. Deals double damage to tanks.

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Flamethrower Level 3


The Flamethrower is a close range weapon that deals huge amounts of damage. It’s especially deadly against massed infantry. Enemies will also burn for a while after being attacked by the Flamethrower.

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Machine Gun Level 4

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun turret sprays bullets at the enemy, rapidly dealing damage to massed infantry at close to medium range.

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Mine Level 3


Mines trigger and explode when enemies come close.

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Mortar Level 3


The Mortar is an artillery piece that is effective at medium to long range, but can’t target enemies right next to it. Mortar shells explode and deal damage to all troops in the area of effect.

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Rocket Launcher Level 1

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a long distance artillery piece. It fires a salvo of rockets, followed by a significant reload time.

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Sniper Tower Level 11

Sniper Tower

Snipers in the tower shoot at enemy attackers. They’re armed with rifles that have good range and do decent damage.

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