Mortar Level 3
The Mortar is an artillery piece that is effective at medium to long range, but can’t target enemies right next to it. Mortar shells explode and deal damage to all troops in the area of effect.

Mortar Tips

  • The Mortar is deadly at medium to long range.
  • The Mortar does splash damage, making it ideal against infantry that groups close together.
  • The Mortar is very effective against groups of Troops like the Rifleman and Warrior.
  • Position your Mortar in the center of your base and defend it!

Offensive Strategy

  • The Mortar is effective against large groups of Riflemen or Zookas. Destroy the Mortar with Gunboat Artillery so your Troops can destroy the enemy base.

Defensive Strategy

  • Place your Mortar in the center of your base so it can protect against large groups of Troops with low hit points like the Rifleman or Zooka.
  • Surround your Mortar with other buildings, including Sniper Towers and non-defensive structures. This slows the advance of attacking troops, giving you more time to destroy them with the Mortar.

Mortar Statistics

LevelHitpointsDamage per sec.Upgrade cost WoodUpgrade cost StoneUpgrade cost IronUpgrade timeHQ level 
32.370165.900N/AN/A1h 45m4
42.6001711.500N/AN/A2h 15m5
52.8001915.5001.410N/A2h 45m6
63.0002123.5003.800N/A3h 15m7
146.00045810.000610.000224.0001d 4h15
156.500491.180.0001.050.000400.0001d 14h16
167.100541.720.0001.420.000900.0001d 18h17
177.700602.170.0001.980.0001.000.0001d 22h18
188.400662.520.0002.450.0001.000.0002d 2h19
199.100722.880.0002.880.0002.000.0002d 10h20
209.900802.960.0002.970.0002.000.0002d 12h20