Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher Level 1
The Rocket Launcher is a long distance artillery piece. It fires a salvo of rockets, followed by a significant reload time.

Rocket Launcher Tips

  • The Rocket Launcher is extremely powerful.
  • The Rocket Launcher takes a while to reload.
  • It has a long range of attack, but is completely ineffective at close range.

Offensive Strategy

  • If you’re attacking with Riflemen or Zookas, be sure to take out the Rocket Launcher with your Gunboat Artillery.
  • The Rocket Launcher cannot attack at short range, so get your troops in close to take it out.
  • Be careful when attacking with Heavys and Zookas. Once your Heavys get in close, the Rocket Launcher will target your Zookas instead.

Defensive Strategy

  • Place your Rocket Launcher at the back of your base, where it can still attack incoming troops, but will be difficult to reach.

Rocket Launcher Statistics

LevelHitpointsDamage per sec.Upgrade cost WoodUpgrade cost StoneUpgrade cost IronUpgrade timeHQ level
76.90063850.000760.000330.0001d 2h16
87.500691.210.0001.000.000600.0001d 6h17
98.200761.480.0001.350.000800.0001d 8h18
109.000831.850.0001.800.0001.000.0001d 14h19
119.800921.850.0001.800.0001.000.0001d 14h19
1210.7001012.060.0002.060.0002.000.0001d 18h20
1311.8001112.470.0002.470.0002.000.0002d 2h20