The Economy Buildings in Boom Beach help you accumulate your basic needs in Boom Beach: resources. In the early stages of the game, these include gold and wood. Later, as you level up, you’ll gain access to stone and iron, which will help you build more powerful Buildings in the game.

Gold Storage Level 5

Gold Storage

The Gold Storage increases your Gold storage capacity.

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Boom Beach Iron Mine

Iron Mine

The Iron Mine produces Iron.

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Boom Beach Iron Storage

Iron Storage

The Iron Storage increases your Iron storage capacity.

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Quarry Level 2


The Quarry produces stone, a medium level construction material. Upgrade the Quarry to increase its production rate!

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Residence Level 6


Residences produce gold.

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Sawmill Level 6


The Sawmill produces wood, a construction material for building simple structures. Upgrade the Sawmill to increase its production rate!

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Stone Storage Level 2

Stone Storage

The Stone Storage increases your Stone storage capacity.

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Vault Level 7


The Vault stores gold and wood, as well as stone and iron when upgraded. The enemy cannot steal resources stored inside the Vault. The Vault will also protect 48% of resources outside of it.

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Wood Storage Level 5

Wood Storage

The Wood Storage increases your Wood storage capacity.

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