Statues are an important concept in Boom Beach that might be unfamiliar to veterans of other games in this genre, such as Clash of Clans. Simply put, statues are special structures that can boost your attack, defense and resource generation. In Boom Beach, statues can be built beginning at HQ Level 5. They are created at the Sculptor, which is one of the many Support buildings in the game.

As you advance further in the game, statues become increasingly important. Understanding how the different Boom Beach statues work and more importantly, which ones you should build, is a critical component of success in the game.

What are the Types of Boom Beach Statues?

There are four main types of statues in Boom Beach, and they’re easily recognizable by their color. They are:

  • Life (Green) – These provide boosts to resource production.
  • Ice (Blue) – These provide boosts to your island defenses (building health and building damage).
  • Magma (Red) – These provide boosts to your attacking troops.
  • Dark (Purple) – These provide boosts to your Gunboat, Resource Rewards from attacks, and chances of obtaining Power Stones.

Furthermore, each statue type has three different levels, which are:

  • Idol
  • Guardian
  • Masterpiece
Boom Beach Masterpiece Statues

A group of attack-oriented Masterpiece statues in Boom Beach, being admired by a passing seagull.

Statues are created with power stones, which are collected from attacking enemy bases and to a lesser extent, from daily rewards and submarine missions. Power stones come in three forms: fragments, shards and crystals.

Idol statues require 7  fragments to assemble and have a build time of 10 seconds. Guardian statues require 7 shards to assemble and have a build time of one hour. Masterpiece statues require 7 crystals to assemble and have a build time of 10 hours. The Idol and Guardian statues can either be deployed onto your base (up to a limit depending on the level of your Sculptor building) or reclaimed for the next higher level power stone. Masterpieces can be deployed or reclaimed for Power Powder, a substance that is used to temporarily boost the benefits from a statue. Furthermore, you can only have one Masterpiece of a specific benefit type in your base. This is not the same as color–you can have two Magma Masterpieces, for example. One for troop health and one for troop attack.

Statue TierSculpting CostSculpting TimeInstant (Diamonds)Reclaim For
Idol7 fragments10 seconds11 shard
Guardian7 shards1 hour241 crystal
Masterpiece7 crystals10 hours1427 power powder

In total, there are 36 different statues in the game, each with varying percentage boosts. The exact statue combinations (type + power) are listed here:

  • Life – All Resources
  • Life – Gold
  • Life – Wood
  • Life – Stone
  • Life – Iron
  • Dark – Gunboat Energy
  • Dark – Resource Reward
  • Dark – Power Stone Chance
  • Magma – Troop Health
  • Magma – Troop Damage
  • Ice – Building Health
  • Ice – Defensive Building Damage

How Do I Know What Statue I’ll Get?

Although you can choose the type of statue you want to build at the Sculptor, you won’t know its exact powers until it has been assembled. For example, you can choose to build a Life Guardian Statue, but you won’t know whether it boosts Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, or all four resources until the statue is completed one hour later. Additionally, the percentage boost that the statue generates is only assigned at completion time, and there can be a wide variance. This is especially true with Masterpiece statues.

Where Do I Get Power Stones?

From attacking enemy bases. The most common Power Stone is green (life). Ice power stones are only obtained when attacking bases that are covered in snow (on the northern edge of your map). Magma power stones are only obtained from attacking bases that are on volcanic islands. Dark power stones are only obtained from attacking Dr. Terror’s staged bases during the twice-weekly Dr. Terror events.

However, Supercell has added additional ways to get a small number of power stones. You can receive them as part of your daily rewards (from a ship that arrives at your base each midnight GMT) and from submarine missions. However, these rewards are generally small allotments and most of your power stones will come from attacking.

What Does Power Powder Do?

Power Powder comes from reclaiming unwanted or duplicate Masterpiece statues. You can use Power Powder to temporarily boost the effect of other statues you own. This becomes extremely useful in later stages of the game, when you have several Masterpieces deployed. Power Powder doubles the ability of any statue it is applied to for a set period of time:

  • Life – 72 hours
  • Ice – 8 hours
  • Magma – 3 hours
  • Dark – 3 hours

A common use of Power Powder is to enhance the impact of your Magma and Dark statues during a Dr. Terror event.

Can I Have Multiple Statues of the Same Type?

Yes! When you have more than one statue of the same type (for example, two Magma statues that boost troop health), the effects stack together. So a Guardian Magma Statue with a 9% Troop Health boost and an Idol Magma Statue with a 5% Troop Health boost combine to boost your troop health by 14%. It’s important to note that you can only have one Masterpiece statue for any ability in your base.

Note that’s one Masterpiece per ability and not type. For example, you have have two Magma Masterpieces: one for Troop Health and one for Troop Damage.


Although you can only have one Masterpiece statue for each ability, you can stack them with Guardian and Idol statues of the same ability.

Which Statues Should I Build?

It all depends on your play style. If you spend most of your time attacking other bases, then you’ll want to prioritize Magma and Dark statues for their offensive boosts. A high level player will typically strive for all 5 Masterpiece statues from this group:

  • Magma – Troop Health
  • Magma – Troop Damage
  • Dark – Power Stone Chance
  • Dark – Resource Reward
  • Dark – Gunboat Energy

Defensive players will opt instead to build out Ice and Life statues. These will allow you to accumulate resources passively and keep them better protected.

If you tend to attack with either Tanks or Scorchers, you’ll want to load up on Gunboat Energy (GBE) Statues. In addition to the Dark Masterpiece Statue, you’ll want to collect several Guardian-level statues. Having the extra Gunboat Energy is critical for both landing your units (which consumes GBE) and still having enough left over to take out any Boom Cannons that are in your way.

What Statues Do the Top Players Use?

Another interesting way to think about your statue building strategy is to look at what the top players use. Bear in mind that the end game strategy for Boom Beach is a lot different than leveling up. For most top players in the game, defense is a much higher priority, and they’ll tend to stack their statue line-up with as many defensive Ice statues as possible. But let’s take a quick look at what the current top player in the world is using (as of May, 2015).

LeoXu: Ice – Building Damage (Masterpiece), Ice – Building Health (Masterpiece), Magma – Troop Damage (Masterpiece), Magma – Troop Health (Masterpiece), 3x Ice – Building Health (Guardian), 2x Ice – Building Damage (Guardian)

Of course, what works for the top player in the world isn’t necessarily best for you. But it can help to do some competitive analysis. Click on the leaderboard rankings and then scroll down to the bottom, where your own position will be listed, along with the two players above and below you. Visit those bases to see what other players with similar rankings to you are using for statues.

Defensive Tip – Show Ice, Hide the Rest

A great tip for statue placement is to prominently display your Ice statues but then to hide the rest behind trees and other buildings. This works especially well if you routinely boost your Ice statues with power powder. Many players will quickly scan your base to gauge how much time, effort and risk it will take to defeat you. A lot of players don’t take the time to fully evaluate a base’s defenses but immediately seeing boosted Ice statues turns a lot of players off to the attack. Why bother with your base (at least right now) if it’s heavily defended.

Hidden Statue in Boom Beach

Move along. Nothing to see here.