Boom Beach Armory Level 3-5


Develop an elite fighting force at the Armory! You can research improvements for your different troops, improve defensive mines and upgrade your Gunboat’s weaponry and battlefield supplies.

Boom Beach Gunboat Level 5


The Gunboat provides fire support and battlefield supplies to your troops. It can also relay movement orders with Flares. Upgrade your Headquarters to acces new Gunboat abilities, and upgrade the Gunboat to increase its energy capacity.

Boom Beach Landing Craft

Landing Craft

Each Landing Craft carries a squad of troops for beach assaults. Only one type of troop can fit into each Landing Craft. Upgrade the Landing Craft to carry more troops to the battle.

Boom Beach Outpost


Protect your Resource Base! You will lose the resource base if this building is destroyed in an enemy attack. Resource Bases produce resource shipments that you can collect from your home base.

Boom Beach Radar Level 9-20


Upgrading the Radar allows you to explore more of the archipelago.

Boom Beach Sculptor Level 3


The Sculptor creates crystal-powered statues that can help our war effort tremendously. Each new statue is unique, and its powers can’t be predicted! You can reclaim a statue to recover a refined crystal. Upgrade the Sculptor to deploy more statues. You can only have one Masterpiece of the same bonus type.


Each statue created by the Sculptor is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance. You need crystals in order to build statues.