Cryoneer Update


Boom Beach has been updated again, this time to version 26.146 and the headline for the update is the arrival of the Cryoneer. She is a brand new troop that shoots a beam to freeze and slow enemy defenses. The Cryoneer is a difficult troop to obtain — she is only unlocked at HQ Level 20, making her the ninth troop to be unlocked and currently the final troop in the game.

Boom Beach CryoneerHer Freeze Beams shoot at moderate range and slow any defenses in the beam’s path. The beam also does a small amount of damage to buildings. However, the freeze beams do not damage troops. Her weapons do not trigger mines that are in the path.

On offense, the Cryoneers spread themselves out to cover as many building targets as they can. They are best used in combination with other, higher damage dealing, troops.

Other updates to Boom Beach include the introduction of Friendly Battles. These battles allow you to challenge your task force to attack your base — it’s a great way to test out different base defense strategies without risking the loss of your resources. It’s also an ideal way to achieve top bragging rights within your task force.


Additional items in the update include:
  • New Ranks and more rewards at the highest Victory Point levels
  • Troop Loadouts allow you to save your favorite troop combinations for easy switching
  • The Supply Chest will now always reward a Fragment, Shard, or Crystal
  • The Supply Chest’s cooldown timer starts when you collect it, and lasts for 20 hours

What are you waiting for? Get booming!

Download Boom Beach for Android or iOS.


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