Dr. Terror May 16 Volcano Island Event


The Dr. Terror attacks continue with the May 16 Volcano Island event, the second part of the normal back-to-back Dr. Terror invasions. With the recently re-vamped event schedule in Boom Beach, Dr. Terror arrives four times every six days, twice on his normal tropical island and then on his volcano island.

As usual, the event is made up of seven stages of increasing difficulty. Players who remember the old 20-stage event cycle will find the difficulty in the new 7-stage cycle to progress much more rapidly. Stage 7 is about as difficult as Stage 20 was in the old system.

Today we tried attacking in the early stages with a fun new combo, the “Critter-Medic” attack. This involves filling all eight gunboats with Medics and then using your Gunboat Critter attack to unleash a robotic army on the enemy. The medics follow the critters around and keep them healthy. Give it a try and see how many stages of Dr. Terror you can get through with this very unorthodox Boom Beach attack technique!

Dr. Terror Crittic Medic Attack

Critters and Medics were all that was needed to take down Dr. Terror’s Stage 2 HQ.


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