Dr. Terror’s May 10 Volcano Base Event


Dr. Terror is back for his Volcano Event. Under the new Event format, Dr. Terror’s Volcano Island base contains 7 stages, each more difficult than the one before it. The Volcano Island Base is more difficult to defeat than his tropical island base from the day before, but it also yields much greater rewards in the form of gold, wood, stone, iron, power stones and yes, even prototype modules.

As always, there are lots of different ways to tackle Dr. Terror. Using Warriors with Smoke remains a popular option, but I tackled this week’s events using the trusty TMed (tanks plus medics), for their survivability. That allowed me to tackle all seven stages without pausing for reinforcements.

The tank + medic combination took some losses on the final stage, but in the end Dr. Terror was taken down…until he re-appears next week!

Coming tomorrow: Lt. Hammerman attacks! This will be the first time for this new event. Stay tuned for strategy, tips and cheats!


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