With the update to version 21.147.1 on May 6, 2015, Boom Beach changed its events schedule from two events per week to six events per week in what it is calling the, “Cycle of Evil.”

Pretty catchy name, eh?

That’s right. There used to be just two events each week, both of the invasions by Dr. Terror. One on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. Both were 20-stage invasions where players could attack Dr. Terror’s island bases, which became increasingly difficult with each stage.

Boom Beach Cycle of Evil

Now there are six events per week, each on different days. Four of the six are the familiar Dr. Terror events, but there are two new ones in the mix: the Colonel Gearheart event and the Lt. Hammerman Strikes Back event.

Here are how the events play out in order:

  1. Dr. Terror Island Base
  2. Dr. Terror Volcano Island Base
  3. Colonel Gearheart
  4. Dr. Terror Island Base
  5. Dr. Terror Volcano Island Base
  6. Lt. Hammerman Strikes Back

Each cycle begins immediately after the old one ends, which means that the events “shift” by one day each week.

Here’s some more detail on the new events, along with some key changes to the Dr. Terror:

Colonel Gearheart

Colonel Gearheart in Boom BeachColonel Gearheart has set up her War Factory in your Archipelago. Tear down her base in the hunt for prototype modules. You will have three attempts during a 21 hour time period to defeat her base – each attack will leave persistent damage, similar to Task Force operation attacks.
You will be rewarded with prototype modules and resources based on the amount of buildings you destroy. Use these modules in the Weapon Lab to create powerful prototype defense turrets for your base. The Weapon Lab unlocks at HQ level 15. This is the same level at which Lt. Hammerman’s Level 45 base unlocks, and you’ll need to have already beaten that base for the Colonel Gearheart event to appear.
Rumour has it that Colonel Gearheart can be found on an ice island in the far North-East of the Archipelago, which used to be inhabited by Lt. Hammerman.
Colonel Gearheart’s base is also known as War Factory and when you click on it you will discover that it is a very well-defended Level 90 base with plenty of the new prototype defenses and ice statues. This is a very difficult base to conquer.
Fortunately,  you get three attempts to destroy it and your attacks are progressive, meaning that damage to the base persists from one attack to the other.
Boom Beach - War Factory

Colonel Gearheart’s base is well-defended and difficult to conquer, even for high-level players in Boom Beach.

Event Fact Summary:
Event occurs: once every six days
Starts at: 6am
Ends at: 3am
Duration: 21 hours
Attack attempts: 3
Reward: Prototype Modules
Reward thresholds: 10, 25, 45, 70, 150 (number of buildings destroyed)

Lt. Hammerman Strikes Back

So you thought you can destroy Lt. Hammerman’s bases and he won’t come after you? Think again!
Lt. Hammerman’s fleet just appeared in the Archipelago and he’s about to attack your base!  Luckily you sent out some spies so you’ll know what troops he’ll be sending after you. So prepare yourself! Re-shuffle your base if needed to make sure it stands strong against his evil forces.
His attack will come in four waves. Each wave contains 8 Landing Crafts. The amount of troops per landing craft and their level depends on your Victory Point score.  You have three chances to defend against him, so you might want to try out different base layouts or boost some ice statues.
Should you manage to repel the attack, you’ll be rewarded with prototype modules. Use these modules in the Weapon Lab to create powerful prototype defense turrets for your base.
Are you ready, Commander?
Event Fact Summary 
Event occurs: once every six days
Starts at: 6am
Ends at: 3am
Duration: 21 hours
Defense attempts: 3
Reward: Prototype Modules

Dr. Terror Changes

The big change to Dr. Terror is that there are now just 7 stages instead of the usual 20. Stage 7 in the new Dr. Terror events will be about as difficult as Stage 20 was in the old events. The Loot curve on Dr. Terror events changes so that he gives more loot in the early stages of the event, but less in the later ones.
Although Dr. Terror event days won’t be quite the loot-fests that they once were, they will take a lot less time to complete and the new 6-day event schedule helps spread things out.