Is Boom Beach available for Android?

Yes! Boom Beach was released on the Android platform in August, 2014. You can download it here.

Can you play Boom Beach on the Apple iPhone 3(GS)?

No, Boom Beach requires iOS 7 or higher. The IPhone 4 is the oldest model that supports the newest IOS. Any model older then the IPhone 4 is not supported, and will not be able to play Boom Beach.

Is there a hack for Boom Beach?

At the moment there aren’t any hacks or cheats known for Boom Beach. If any hacks or cheats will come out in the future then they will probably only work in offline mode.

Can Boom Beach be played with friends?

At the moment there is no ‘Friend’ feature present in the Game. Most likely they will add some kind of ‘Friend’ or ‘Chat’ feature. The social aspect that comes with these features is what made Supercell’s Clash of Clans so popular. Big chance there will be something similar in Boom Beach.

Can you get more builders?

No, one builder is the max. The Economy, upgrade duration & costs are designed and balanced on building one thing at a time. This is done on purpose so that users will have to choose a more strategic path for their upgrade plans.

How does the Player Matchmaking work?

Other player opponents in your map are referred to as “Blackguard mercenaries” These players are selected from players with a similar matchmaking score for the right level of challenge.

Each time a new mercenary base is shown on your map through exploration or invasion, your matchmaking score goes up. It will go down if you have several player opponents in your map. Therefore if there are many opponents which you are unable to beat, they will eventually be switched with easier opponents. Your matchmaking score is not visible.

How does NPC Matchmaking work?

The NPC opponents shown on your map are also selected by the matchmaking process. It will attempt to give you opponents with the right level of challenge.
In contradiction to the player matchmaking, your NPC matchmaking score cannot go down. Each time you’ll defeat an NPC opponent you score will go up. Therefore every new NPC opponent will be an more difficult one.

Can you get a Shield to protect your base from getting attacked?

No, unlike Clash of Clans there is no Shield functionality in Boom Beach. Whenever you are offline your base can be attacked by other players.Plan your attacks and upgrades before you log off. That way the resources will be low for the attackers.

What’s the Deal with All Those Statues and Power Stones?

Boom Beach introduced an important concept called statues. These are buildings that provide extra bonuses to many functions in the game, such as attacking force health and damage, defensive health, or even resource production. The impact can be tremendous, making statues an important part of the overall strategy for all players. You can learn all the important details in our Boom Beach Statues Guide.