Farming in Boom Beach


For most players, Boom Beach is all about laying down the boom on your enemies, doing heavy amounts of PvP attacks, and amassing resources by raiding them from other player islands. And that’s a lot of fun.

But it’s not the only way to play Boom Beach. Although the game has simple and straightforward rules for battle, there are alternate paths to success. Believe it or not, it’s possible to progress quite far in the game without attacking any other players. What? Is this for real? Yes, read on…

It’s possible to adopt a farming play style in Boom Beach, where you steadily accumulate resources over time. Although this strategy takes more patience, it’s well suited to players who don’t have large blocks of time available for attacking. Inspired by a post in the Supercell forums from Woolybugger, here’s the basic guide to farming in Boom Beach.

The 3 Core Principles

Here are the three core principles of farming in Boom Beach, as laid out by Woolybugger in his original post:


  • I shall maximize all production sources
  • I shall supplement my income by raiding VP-neutral bases
  • I shall never be raided


Maximizing Production Resources


  • Make sure your sawmill, quarry and iron mine are completely maxed for your HQ level.
  • Resource bases are critical. Capture and hold as many as you can.
  • Make at least one masterpiece-level statue for gold, wood, iron or stone production. You don’t need Masterpiece statues for each one, and your resource of focus is entirely up to you.
  • Make a resource production masterpiece statue and keep it boosted at all times. It increases every resource and also has a compounding effect when combined with other green statues.
  • Production is important but statue slots are limited. Build your masterpieces but don’t fill your slots with green guardian statues.
  • Upgrade your submarine to the highest level allowed and constantly dive for resources.
  • Supplement any shortfalls in a particular resource by diving or utilizing the daily rewards from your resource reward boat and operations reward boat.
  • Make a Building Health and Defensive Building Damage MP because it will boost resource base defense.
  • Max your vault to keep all resources safe.

Supplement by Raiding VP-neutral Bases

  • Only raid NPC bases and Dr. Terror as these do not increment your victory point (VP) total.
  • Make Troop Health and Troop Damage Masterpiece statues to help your attacks.
  • Make a Resource Reward Masterpiece to increase the loot gained
  • Other statues like Gunboat Energy and Power Stone Chance are very useful but not as essential as the ones above for a farming play style.
  • Farming doesn’t mean neglecting offense completely. Being able to attack NPC bases and Dr. Terror is crucial to supplementing production loot.
  • Boost your reds and purples when attacking Dr. Terror. You want to get as far as possible because it is a good source of loot, and not a single VP.

Avoid Getting Raided

  • The key to success is staving off enemy raids. There’s not much point to farming if you lose everything you’ve accumulated when attacked.
  • If you’re successfully raided, it means your defense is inadequate for the opponents you’re facing. There are two basic solutions: lower VP and upgrade your defenses.
  • Upgrading defense consists of leveling up and also applying smart base designs.
  • You should also have 2 Blue Masterpieces for base health and base damage, but there’s no need to use up statue slots with blue guardians.
  • Lowering VP requires “beaching” your HQ (placing your HQ next to the beach to make it easy to attack). Do this when your resources are mostly/completely protected by your vault so that your losses are minimized. The best time to do it is during Dr. Terror events when everyone is out raiding.
  • You know you have reached your optimal VP total when you’re no longer raided for approximately one week. This means all your opponents cannot defeat your defenses and you can hold all your resources safely.
  • At this point, you don’t have to improve your defenses anymore. Why? Because no one is able to successfully raid you with your existing defenses. Thus, you can devote all your resources to offense and production.
  • Occasionally an NPC base will give you 2 VPs, making your VP creep up. No problem, plan a big upgrade to deplete all resources then beach your HQ.
  • Max your HQ so it is harder to take down. It also opens up new defenses which you should deploy immediately and raise it to a decent level.

There you go. It’s a very different play style, but why not give farming in Boom Beach a try?



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