Looking for tips and strategies on how to win at Boom Beach? Although the game is straightforward, there are a lot of nuances to how it’s played. Read on below for information about the Gameplay and basic strategy of Boom Beach below.

Battle Actions

When attacking enemy islands, you can use Battle Actions from your Gunboat to help affect the outcome of the battle. All available Battle Actions are listed and explained on this page.

Boom Beach Basics

In Boom Beach you are the commander of a naval army on a beautiful looking island in a great archipelago of tropical islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?


Can you cheat in Boom Beach? Would you want to? At this time, there are very few hacks or cheats known to work in the game. However, there are some interesting techniques that can give you an edge.

Resource Base

A Resource Base is an additional base which supplies you with a particular resource. Find out all you need to know about Resource Bases in Boom Beach!