Battle Actions

Battle Actions are deployed from your Gunboat during one of your attacks on an enemy island. Each action serves a specific purpose, from taking out enemy defenses to healing your troops in battle. Read on for specifics and strategies on each of the Battle Actions in Boom Beach.

Boom Beach Artillery


Your Gunboat fires a high-explosive cannon shell that damages enemy buildings. Be
careful not to hit your own troops!


Boom Beach Flare


Flare can be used to direct your troops. All troops will move towards the Flare while it
burns, or attack a building marked by it!


Boom Beach MedKit


Heal your troops on the battlefield. Troops inside the Medkit’s area of effect will recover health.


Boom Beach Shock Bomb

Shock Bomb

The Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time. Use it to disable key defensive buildings. If you hit your own troops, they will be stunned as well!


Boom Beach Barrage


A rapid fire artillery barrage deals massive damage to buildings in a wide target area. Warning: the Barrage is inaccurate and dangerous to nearby friendly troops!


Boom Beach Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

Protect your troops with a Smoke Screen. Troops inside the smoke can move, but cannot fire or be fired upon.



Launch these robotic troopers to distract and destroy enemy buildings.

The Critters ability is unlocked at HQ Level 19. This ability releases small drones that attack buildings in your enemy’s base and distract your enemy’s defenses. Critters can be healed by both the Medic unit and by your Medkit.