7 Killer Troop Combos in Boom Beach


Tanks and Medics

This technique, known as “TMed” is perfect for once you’ve got both Tanks and Medics available. It is a tried and true approach to Boom Beach domination. Although the tanks are susceptible to high damage single unit defenses like the Boom Cannon, the Medics keep your tanks healed against most other attacks. The other advantage that this combination has is high re-playability. If you’re successful in your attack, there’s a good chance you won’t lose any troops at all, meaning no wait time between invasions.

Although this potent troop combination can bust through just about any island defensive setup, a common technique is to “flare” up the side of the base to get closer to the HQ and avoid some of the bases Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines. If you do this, you may need to apply a series of smoke screens as you go to keep your Medics safe from attack.

Tanks and Medics Take the Beach

The TMed Combination is tough to beat.

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  1. What’s your favorite troop combination? Something you’ve read about here or something totally different?

    • I easily take down Personal Bases, Villages, as well as battle the Op Bases with my “Grenics” (21 lvl 8 Grens & 4 lvl 8 Medics) with little to no casualties. I was a little surprised & hurt that you didn’t include them in the list of “Killer Troop Combos”. I get that because of the Grens inaccuracy, many people find them useless and therefore avoid them entirely. But those ppl overlook the Grens splash damage their grenades causes, just like Mortars. But I would have thought that with your experience (I’m assuming here) you would have realized the Grens effectiveness at quickly destroying Person bases. Just ask any victim of such a swift take down who was left with insignificant casualties to earn any diamonds from the raid. I’d like to think that they would agree with me. I entertain my BB friends with my replays, often changing their opinion of Grens. Hopefully you’ll correct your oversight in your next write up. OR not.

      • Hi Seadog, I have tried that combination before but honestly not that much. I’ll give them a spin and post what I find. Thanks for the tip!

        • pandelisdoesmc on

          Actually, I wouldn’t do that. Grenadiers are very inaccurate and the opponent can have a mortar that will take them down EASILY. But, I’ll try it.

      • 6 barges of grenadiers, two of medics.
        Might be inaccurate at hitting the target they’re aiming at, but it devastates anything placed behind.
        Just take out any stunning weapons & front-line boom-cannons first.
        Fantastic tactic.

  2. hey boom im a beginner of boom beach with hq 5, can u give me some attack starttegies for begginers liikeme? i dont know how to attack my enemy bases and i keep losing ,please give me some tips . my three craftes are still in level 2 .

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