Let’s Meet Colonel Gearheart


The latest version of Boom Beach, known as the Temple of Doom Cannons update added a lot of new gameplay and features. And one of the biggest new stars of the game is a brand-new villain named, Colonel Gearheart. She’s a high-ranking villain who appears on a new base known as the War Factory, which replaces Lt. Hammerman’s level 45 base once you defeat it. Here’s what we know so far about Colonel Gearheart.

First, she’s got a very tough base. It’s a level 90 base on an “ice” island and features high-level defenses and weaponry, including several of the new prototype weapons. The island base is further reinforced with tough ice defense statues, making the whole thing very difficult to conquer.

Fortunately for you, the Colonel Gearheart event allows you three separate attacks. Each attack is progressive, which means the damage you do carries over to the next attack.

For every building you destroy during the event, you’ll earn points towards rewards. As you pass certain levels of points, you unlock those rewards, which can include resources such as Wood and Stone, as well as prototype modules, which you can use to assemble your very own prototype weapons.

Colonel Gearheart in Blue

But War Factory is a very hard base to beat, even for high-level players with boosted statue bonuses. A successful attack strategy will require most players to completely change up their attack formations. For example, attacking in one wave with a Tank/Medic combination and then a second wave with an all-Warrior rush.



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