Rooka Strategy – Winning with Riflemen and Zookas


One of the most often overlooked Boom Beach strategies is to employ the “Rooka” strategy, which basically combines Riflemen and Zookas to take out large sections of your enemy’s base. This attack strategy essentially relies on overwhelming numbers of Riflemen leading the charge, with Zookas running behind them to cause maximum damage. Although not nearly as popular as the Heavy + Zooka combination attack, Rooka is fun to use.

At later levels, you’ll want to put Medics into the mix. They will follow behind your troops and keep the Riflemen healed. Using Medics allows you to concentrate your Gunboat Energy on utilizing the Shock Bomb to keep enemy defenses at bay (especially machine guns and flamethrowers).

A good mix of troops to employ when you have six or seven landing craft are 2 boats of Riflemen, 2-3 boats of Zookas, and 2 boats of Medics.

Note that Medics aren’t absolutely required for this strategy to work, but they do allow you to conserve Gunboat Energy that would otherwise have to be used to heal your attackers. In general, you’ll find that many NPC bases won’t require you to use Medics, but most attacks on equal level player bases will. Experiment with different setups to see what works best for you.

The most important defenses to take out first are the Shock Launchers, which will halt your first wave of Riflemen in their tracks, and may expose your Zookas to direct attack. If this happens, your attack will surely fail, so take out those Shock Launchers before you storm the beach!

Take a look at how NickatNyte from Teach Boom Beach employs the Rooka strategy at higher levels:


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