4 Ways You Can Use Scorchers for Maximum Impact


It’s no surprise that the Scorcher is a fun troop unit to use in Boom Beach. Big, fast and powerful, it can take a lot of damage while dishing out some as well via its mounted flamethrower. Most of the time, your strategy involving Scorchers is pretty basic: load up on Gunboat Energy, take out any Boom Cannons┬áthat you see, and then release the Scorchers. But there are some fun nuances to using Scorchers creatively in the game. Here are some different strategies that you can use for maximum impact.

Scorchers + Zookas

When Scorchers first arrived in Boom Beach, pairing them up with Zookas was the most popular strategy, and it still remains a great technique. Scorchers act as roving meat-shields, attracting the attention of all the base defenses, while your Zookas sit back safely and unleash heavy damage.

Before you unload, make sure you take out any nearby Boom Cannons and Doom Cannons to protect your Scorchers. Then, set them loose. About the only thing you need to watch out for is mines that are not hit by the Scorchers on their way through the base. You made need to take these out with Artillery before your Zookas accidentally step on them.

A good ratio for this attack is to use 3-4 landing craft with Scorchers and the rest with Zookas.

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