4 Ways You Can Use Scorchers for Maximum Impact


All Scorcher Attack

All Scorcher Attack in Boom Beach

Ready for some hectic high Gunboat Energy chaos? Try an all-Scorcher attack. You will really need to have lots of GBE statues fully boosted in order to pull this one off, but it’s great fun to watch (and to think about your victim watching the attack replay when he logs into the game).

As always, try to take out as many nearby Boom Cannons as you can, although you’ll need to save enough GBE to fully deploy your Scorcher Army. If some of the Boom Cannons are near the shore, it makes sense to Shock them instead, since the wave of Scorchers will take them out before they get off more than one shot.

There’s nothing quite like unleashing a full eight landing craft full of Scorchers on an opponent!

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