Smokey Zooka Attack Strategy


One of the deadliest Task Force attack strategies is the Smokey Zooka attack. With this strategy, you’ll be attacking the base entirely with Zookas, but they’ll approach the base under the cover of smoke screens launched from your Gunboat. It’s similar in concept to the well-known Smokey Warrior HQ rush.

Keep in mind that this attack strategy is really only useful for Task Force attacks. Although it’s possible to use it on player bases, it’s not nearly as effective.

Ready to begin? Before you contemplate putting smokey zookas to work for you, here are a few prerequisites to the attack:

  • You need to be at HQ level 14 or higher and have access to the Smoke Screen
  • You need high level Zookas, which you can train up in the Armory
  • You’ll want high level Smoke Screens, Flares and Shocks, which you can train up in the Armory

OK, with that out of the way, here are the key steps to pulling off an effective Smokey Zooka attack.

Group Up Your Zookas

The first step, and the one that takes the most practice, is learning how to properly group up your Zookas on the beach so that they all cluster tightly enough together to fit underneath a single smoke screen. This is vital to pulling off a successful attack, as your Zookas will be highly vulnerable as they approach the base defenses.

The key is to begin your assault by dropping a flare to one side of the landing beach and then to unload your landing craft one-by-one on the opposite side of the beach. As each landing craft unloads and the Zookas start moving past, unload the next craft until all of your Zookas are together running to the flare spot. This keeps them all together in a bunch.

Once all the landing craft have unloaded, drop a second flare near the first to reposition/regroup your zookas. Now drop a third flare on the spot where you want them to attack and begin dropping smoke screens along the path so that the Zookas remain under the cover of smoke.

Tip: it’s a lot easier to practice this initial beach landing on either Blackguard or Player bases several times so that you get the hang of it. Don’t practice on Task Force bases, because if you mess it up, your single attack is ruined!

Flare Next to Buildings, But Never On Them

When sending your Zookas to their attack spot, always flare next to a building and never on it. If you place a flare on a building, the Zookas will stop well before they reach it and start attacking from a spread-out formation due to their high attack range.

Lay Down Some Shock

Once your Zookas arrive at their destination (likely near the HQ), lay down a few extra smoke screens to cover them as they spread out. Then as the smoke screens are about to run out, drop shock bombs on any nearby defenses to keep your Zookas safe while they unleash their fury on the HQ building.

Want to see this with a video? YouTube user BenTimm1 has a detailed video walkthrough for successfully implementing a Smokey Zooka attack.


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