Offensive Strategy

Here are several common offensive attack strategies that you can employ to quickly defeat different bases (both player and NPC) in Boom Beach.

Meat Shield

Use Troops with high hit points as a living shield or meat shield for troops with low hit points. Troops like the Heavy can take a lot of hits and can therefore be used as a shield for other more vulnerable troops like the Zooka or Rifleman.

This strategy involves leading your attack with troops that have very high hit points, who act as a shield for your lower health but high-damage troops. A classic example is the Heavy/Zooka combination, which utilitizes Heavies as the “Meat Shield” to protect your Zookas, who deliver the bulk of the damage in your attack.

To begin, first deploy some Heavies onto the island. As they approach the defenses, they will be targeted. Your Zookas are then deployed behind the Heavies, and can safely attack while the Heavies are absorbing all the damage.

This strategy works especially well against defenses such as the Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher, which can normally wipe out invading armies of low health troops.

Sniper Attack

With this strategy, you make heavy use of your Flares to direct your troops (usually Riflemen and Heavies) around the bulk of the defenses towards the Headquarters. This technique works especially well for base defenses that have placed the HQ towards the back and left that area open. Be careful with defense with a long range like the Boom Cannon, Mortar and Rocket Launcher.

Riflemen Rush

Riflemen are surprisingly deadly in large numbers. To use this technique, storm the beach with a large number of Troops, mostly Riflemen. They will quickly overwhelm most defenses, particularly single-shot defenses like the Cannon, Boom Cannon and Sniper Tower. This strategy is less effective against defenses that cause splash damage, such as the Rocket Launcher, Mortar and Flamethrowers. You’ll need to take out as many of those defenses as possible with your Gunboat before the attack begins. Also be aware of mines — a group of mines can quickly derail an all-Rifleman attack. Read our special Rifleman Rush guide for even more details on this technique.

HQ Warrior Rush

Since the point of each attack is to destroy the enemy Headquarters, it makes sense to target the HQ as quickly as possible. You can do this quickly with Warriors. They move fast and have the ability to heal themselves. Deploy the Warriors and use Flares to direct them to the Headquarters. Use Shock Bombs and Smoke Screens to get them there without taking large damage. Once they arrive at the HQ, continue to use Shock Bombs to disable nearby defenses, and use your Medi-Kit for additional healing if necessary.

Watch out for powerful single shot defenses that are still in range, as they can take out your warriors one at a time while the HQ is under attack. Whenever possible, take out these defenses with your Gunboat before the assault begins.

Warrior HQ Rush

The Warrior HQ Rush in action.