Tips for Attacking with Warriors


Warriors are one of the most exciting types of troops that you can command in Boom Beach. They are fast, have high DPS (Damage per Second), and with each swing of their powerful hammer, they heal themselves. Sounds amazing, right? Warriors do have their weaknesses, however. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be conquering everything in your path.

  • The best attack strategy is to send your warriors straight to the HQ. This can be done by going straight through defenses using a Smoke Screen, or by navigating your Warriors around the perimeter with Flares. Once you arrive at the HQ, the Warriors will surround it and take it down quickly. You can supplement their self-healing with a medi-kit to make them nearly impossible to kill.
  • One of the best tactics is to pair an all-warrior attack with the use of Shock Bombs. These render defensive structures temporarily powerless, giving the fast-moving warriors time to take them out before they can be used.
  • Avoid machine guns and flamethrowers when attacking with warriors. These defenses are very effective against massed troops like warriors and riflemen.
  • Cannons and other high damage defenses can also be effective against warriors and are best taken out early with artillery or barrage attacks.

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