Tips for the Rifleman Rush


The Rifleman is one of the most versatile troops in Boom Beach, and because it’s the first unit unlocked in the game, most players become pretty familiar with this troop early on. The Rifleman is a relatively cheap unit, with low individual damage and health, an inexpensive training cost, and a short training time. The Rifleman moves at moderate speed and has a medium range. The Rifleman is best used in large groups–swarms, really.

As more troops are unlocked in the barracks, it becomes tempting to leave the lowly Rifleman behind. But as you’ll see, with proper upgrades and smart strategy, you will find that many islands can easily be overwhelmed by an attacking horde of Riflemen if proper preparation and strategy is applied.

Top Tips for the Rifleman in Boom Beach

  • Because the Rifleman works best in large groups, it’s often best to fill your Landing Craft entirely with Riflemen for your assault.
  • There are a few defenses that can completely destroy your Rifleman Rush, and therefore need to be taken out with Artillery or Barrage (or held at bay with the Shock Bomb) before the assault begins. Chief among them: the Rocket Launcher. The second most deadly defense is the Mortar. The Machine Gun can also make quick work of large groups of Riflemen.
  • Some islands simply aren’t suitable for an all-Rifleman attack. Scout the island first: if it has several Rocket Launchers and Mortars, take a pass.
  • Use the Flare to guide your Rifleman around defenses, keeping them out of range of Mortars and away from mines.
  • Use your Medkit on the Riflemen after you’ve grouped them up with a Flare for maximum healing effectiveness.
  • Riflemen rarely survive a full-frontal assault. More often than not, the best approach with Riflemen is to take the long away around the island, sweeping around the perimeter and attacking the base from behind or the side.

Take a look at the images below for a demonstration of the proper approach to an island assault with Riflemen.

Boom Beach Rifleman Rush 01

Neutralize defenses with the Shock Bomb and attack from the side.

Boom Beach Rifleman Rush 02

Reposition your troops with a Flare, use a Medkit while they are grouped up to heal, and then take out the HQ.




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  1. Commander Cheif on

    this technique works pretty good just as it says for certain enemy beaches. I’ve done this a lot but, when u get to a more medium level (10-20) this becomes a lot harder to accomplish. maybe when you get to a much higher level you can use fleets of the rifle men with more carriers to assault the enemy with, but until then your better off mixing it up with more personnel than just the rifle men.

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