Boom Beach GrenadierThe Grenadier is a big and powerful ranged unit that deals area damage – rather inaccurately! Be careful about sending troops in front of him, as they might get caught in a grenade blast.

The Grenadier is a relatively recent addition to Boom Beach and provides higher-level players with some interesting new attack options with their troops. The Grenadier is a tricky troop to utilize, primarily due to his wild inaccuracy. It can take a while for an attacking force of Grenadiers to fully destroy a base. For this reason, you’re going to almost always want to pair your Grenadiers with one or more additional troops for support. We suggest Medics.

Grenadier Tips

    • Grenadiers do a lot of splash damage, and are ideal for attacking bases with several defensive structures clumped together.
    • Grenadiers always overthrow their targets and never under-throw. Keep that in mind when guiding them with Flares. In general, it’s best to never directly target a defensive building with a Flare while attacking with Grenadiers.
    • Boom Cannons, Cannons, and Sniper Towers are particularly deadly to Grenadiers and as many as possible should be taken out with Gunboat attacks before you deploy your troops.
    • A great composition for your attacking army would be Grenadiers plus tanks and medics. The addition of tanks allows you to target specific buildings and provides a troop that can take some significant damage.

Grenadier Statistics

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