MedicMake love, not war! The Medic is opposed to all kinds of violence. Instead of grabbing a rifle, he heals other troops to help our cause.

The Medic is the last of the available troops in Boom Beach. The Medic heals other troops by throwing Medkits towards them.

Medic Tips

  • Deploy the Medic behind other Troops, so that he can’t be target easily by defensive buildings.

Medic Statistics

LevelHitpointsHealing per sec.Training costResearch costArmoryResearch time
2544276.0001.680.000143d 11h
3592297.0002.740.000153d 19h
4644318.0003.300.000153d 19h
5701339.0003.400.000163d 19h
67623510.0003.800.000174d 6h
78293711.0004.500.000184d 10h
89023912.0004.800.000184d 10h
99824113.0005.300.000194d 16h
101.0684314.0006.100.000204d 18h
111.1625615.0006.400.000204d 18h