Boom Beach ScorcherThe Scorcher is a massive, armored unit with a short range and attention span. It takes a boatload of Energy to deploy and leaves with a bang, harming everything nearby.

The Scorcher is a relatively new unit added to Boom Beach and is available to players who have an HQ of level 18 or higher. It is a big high health and moderate damage unit that it difficult to control, but will unleash utter devastation upon enemy bases.

The Scorcher is essentially a giant, well-armored flamethrower that does immediate and belayed burning damage to everything in its path. This residual burning damage is very similar to the damage caused by the Flamethrower defenses.

Scorchers are very erratic in battle and will acquire different targets every few seconds. They tend to travel deep into enemy bases, attracting fire from all of the base defenses. Although they have high health, they can get into trouble if they wander into a heavily fortified area. While they stand up well against most defenses, they are highly susceptible to Boom Cannons, which should be avoided whenever possible.

When a Scorcher is destroyed, it explodes, causing damage to everything nearby (friendly units and enemy buildings).

The Scorcher uses up 12 Gunboat Energy when you deploy it, so you’ll need several GBE statues to both deploy and protect Scorchers.

Tips for Scorchers

Scorchers have high health but relatively low DPS, making them useful as shields for other troops. A common pairing to use with Scorchers are Zookas. If you have ample Gunboat Energy, you can also pair them with Tanks.

You should never use Medics with Scorchers. First of all, Scorchers don’t really need the healing. Secondly, Medics will tend to follow the Scorchers too closely deep into the enemy defenses, where they will be hit by splash damage.